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We need to know the underlying cause.

We need serious independent research to find out why and what.

In 1928 Dr. H. S. Martland published a paper, “Punch Drunk”, in the American Journal of Medical Sciences, in which he identified the injuries to the brain suffered by almost 50% of the fighters he studied.

The release in early 2016 of the film “Concussion”, starring Will Smith, has reignited the discussion on CTE Research. This film is based on a true story about Dr Bennet Omalu who was the first to publish findings of CTE in American Football players while performing an autopsy in 2002.

In the USA, thanks to comprehensive research, the issue is being managed through a more conservative approach as a result of working with science. Importantly research into concussions and head injuries and in particular CTE continues thanks to the funding being made available.

In Australia there is a lack of research in this area and therefore a lack of evidence to provide appropriate findings and it is important we know the facts for our lifestyle.